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Gary Wilson a legendary drummer from Australia...

Gary Wilson played in the following bands in the 1970's: An Orange with Mario D'Andreo,
Armageddon with Peter De Jong,  Paul Matters and Les Gully, Beachcombers- '3's a Five'.with Robyn Eshman (Hart), Noel Eshman, Rod Carmichael, Frank Vandenberg, Errol Amos, Brian Dunn, Graham Milburn, David Boukley, David Moore, Rob Scott and Trevor Holly and Taxi aka Ixat with Eddie Hedges, Tony Heads, Greg Douglas, Lee Brossmann, Mick Taylor, Peter Sheehan, Gary Pomfrett, Bruce Jeffery and Howard Barndon. The 1980's included the bands: Fabulous Colours with Tony Heads, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Brien McVernon and Mark Tinson.

From the late eighties and into the 1990's Raiding Party, a party rock band playing covers and original songs was formed in Newcastle Australia. Members of Raiding Party included: Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe, James Davis, Brien McVernon, Gary Wilson, and Mark Tinson. Later Gary Wilson was replaced on drums by Steve 'Mac' McLennan. Raiding Party released their first single Loveland, which charted on the Australian National Charts followed by Til Love Makes Me Cry, recorded with Col Joy and produced by Mark S Berry. Raiding Party played over two hundred shows in a 12 month period, received multiple radio rotation on singles and moved from 38 to nine on the Newcastle Charts within a week.

In the 1990's Gary Wilson was the drummer in Newcastle trio Soda Jerks with Brien McVernon.

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